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What is HSX?

HealthShare Exchange is the Philadelphia region's health information exchange (HIE).  It links the electronic medical record (EMR) systems of different hospital health systems, medical centers, and clinics — and the claims data of healthcare insurers — to make this information accessible at inpatient and outpatient points of care, including medical practice offices.  HSX services provide recent clinical care information to providers for care purposes and alerts them to care events. 



Health Information Exchange makes patient care more informed.  It also reduces unnecessary care and readmissions.

HSX is a membership-dues-supported organization that makes electronic patient-care information available securely throughout the area’s medical system, linking data across hospital systems and healthcare insurers and other healthcare organizations as a service to HSX members and participants.  The HSX platform allows medical centers, insurers, and practice offices to share clinical records to make patient care more informed — by providing patient histories and event notifications throughout the system.  Such exchange is part of the health information future for providers, payers, and consumers seeking better, more cost-effective care.  It promotes continuity of care, reduces the need to transmit or transport medical information by patients or by fax, and helps to reduce duplicate services.

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These videos from the Pennsylvania eHealth Partnership Authority, (PAeHealth) give a look at how health information exchange is revolutionizing healthcare in the region.


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Health Information Exchange in Pennsylvania