What is HSX?




HealthShare Exchange is the greater Philadelphia region's health information exchange (HIE).  It links the electronic medical record (EMR) systems of different hospital health systems, medical centers, and clinics — and the claims data of healthcare insurers — to make this information accessible at inpatient and outpatient points of care, including medical practice offices.  HSX services provide recent clinical care information to providers at the point of care and alerts them to care events.



Built on an architecture that makes it special among HIEs nationwide, HSX:

  • serves one of the nation’s largest population areas through a single integrated exchange – some 13 million Pennsylvanians and 15,000 practicing physicians, with additional prospective connection to nearby HIEs serving millions more and as a major participant in the Pennsylvanian eHealth Partnership Authority’s P3N (Pennsylvania Patient & Provider Network) platform
  • is made of a large, diverse group of 50+ members/participants, including 42 hospitals, four major healthcare insurers, as well as ambulatory practices, city clinics, and FQHCs;
  •  makes unique use of the Direct protocol for sharing clinical care data (through messaging that takes advantage of health plan data for routing and care history);
  •  provides multiple service offerings – including Direct, Enhanced Direct, Encounter Notifications, and Query-based services.



HealthShare Exchange presents one of the most significant opportunities for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to use health information exchange to produce meaningful benefits for the healthcare system.  Due to the sheer size of the market and it demographics, dollars invested in regional health information exchange in Southeastern Pennsylvania have the potential for significantly greater return on investment than in other regions of the state.

For more on "What is an HIE?" and "How can it help me?" see this document from P3N.






Southeastern Pennsylvania is densely populated, with a heavy concentration of Medical Assistance patients, significant numbers of uninsured, and a high percentage of patients with chronic conditions that are expensive to treat.  Importantly:

  • Nearly one-third (4 million) of all Pennsylvanians (12.7 million) lives in the five-county region.
  • About one-third (2.5 million) of the region’s residents has commercial insurance.
  • About 27 percent (616,961) of the state’s Medicare beneficiaries live in the region, with a third of beneficiaries (34 percent) enrolled in Medicare managed care. As a result, 25 percent of Pennsylvania’s Medicare managed care population is in Southeastern Pennsylvania.
  • About 35 percent (765,954) of the state’s total Medical Assistance recipients (2.2 million) lives in southeastern Pennsylvania.
  • About 11 percent of the region’s adult residents are uninsured
  • More than 3 percent of the region’s children are uninsured.

HealthShare Exchange was formed as a collaboration among major healthcare stakeholders, including health plans and the acute care hospitals across the five-county region of Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, and Philadelphia counties to enable the electronic exchange of patient information to improve patient outcomes and to manage and lower healthcare costs in the Southeastern Pennsylvania region