Fourth Annual Health Information Exchange Champion Awards (2016)




At its November 8, 2016 retreat, HealthShare Exchange presented its HIE Champions Award for the fourth year in a row to individuals who have demonstrated exceptional effort in advancing health information exchange in Southeastern Pennsylvania.

See below for awardee photos and remarks delivered at the event:







Chop Team — (Left to right) Doug Powell, Jeff Martinez, Angie Groves, Chalice Jerman, Michelle Houser, Andrew Hauer. 



CHOP has played an integral role in the development and evolution of HSX over the last few years and continues to do so:

  • In 2013, CHOP participated in HSX’s first exchange of data via DIRECT. A founding member of HSX, CHOP was among the first organizations to connect to HSX for DIRECT services under what was previously Alere and now Mirth. Once the technology was in place, CHOP took a phased approach to operationalizing this service within their organization, by first choosing to only provision Direct addresses for sending out Transitions of Care (ToCs).
  • Under the leadership of Doug Powell, CHOP did an exemplary job of launching DIRECT messaging and preparing their organization to begin receiving ToCs. Angie Groves, Senior PM at CHOP, effectively managed expectations and Andrew Hauer, Chalice Jerman and Michelle Houser were pivotal in executing the testing that helped us to complete bidirectional testing with the approximately 17 different EHR systems participating in the HIE. This testing ensured that CHOP was interoperable and did not have any issues receiving messages once their addresses were published in the HSX Provider Directory.
  • CHOP published their DIRECT addresses in December 2015 and it has been one of the most effective launches of this service. Under the operational leadership of Jeff Martinez, CHOP has been proactive in notifying HSX of any issues, testing and of new exchange partners that should be recruited to participate with the HIE.

We are incredibly grateful to have a such a wonderful partner in the CHOP team and look forward to embarking on new initiatives in the future.  On behalf of the entire HSX community we are honored to recognize you as HIE Champions!






The Aria – Jefferson Health Team  — (Left to right) Joe Carson (accepting for Michelle Torres), Terri Bedard, Ann Marie Kelly (accepting for Jo Clark), and, accompanying the awardees, Aria co-workers Linda Hagan and Nancy Furey.




The Aria – Jefferson Health team demonstrated an energetic and positive attitude in every phone call and email with HSX during the onboarding process for the Encounter Notification Service. Their commitment and organization led to the possibility for Aria Health to go live effortlessly with ENS earlier this year.  We look forward to continue working with Michelle, Terri, and Jo’s team for the remainder of this year as more practices go-live in receiving notifications and on future projects to come.  Thank you for all you’re doing to promote health information exchange at Aria – Jefferson Health.






Holly Jankowitch.



For the past couple of months, Holly acted as the lead contact for Doylestown in rolling out access to the HSX Clinical Data Repository. Doylestown pursued deep integration using Doylestown's inpatient system; Meditech. This was the first interface HSX would be pursuing with its membership; therefore a lot of learning occurred on all ends. Holly was patient through the entire process and was always willing to test on a moment's notice. Once the feed was live help triage and test solutions. The project took approximately 4.5 months to complete, and what HSX learned during this process was invaluable for future rollouts. What HSX learned would not have been possible if Holly did not stick with the project until the end. Holly never complained and the HSX consistently heard "I am here to help" on a frequent basis. The HSX Implementation team also leans on Holly's expertise in testing enhancements to current services like ACTF and CAH. There is never hesitation on her part to help and the HSX team is appreciative of that. Holly is also an active member of the Implementation Workgroup and has presented about CDR access to the workgroup with little notice. Since HSX has leaned so heavily on Holly the past year; we only felt it be appropriate to say thank you and honor Holly with the 2016 HIE Champion award.






(Left to right) Theresa McCullough, Jena Baumann, Tom Zarra, Chrissie Pressman.



Technical Team Recognition

During 2016 HSX participated in the Hospital Accelerator Grant. The Grant required participants to send CCDA information to an HIE that would be persisted in a Clinical Data Repository. Einstein Health System was identified as a key member to send this data to HSX. All data needed to be received and live by September 30, 2016. HSX approached Einstein to take part in the grant using a protocol that the Einstein feared would not be able to be implemented within the September 30th timeline. The protocol required deep integration into their clinical system that they did not think could be achieved in time. Instead of giving up on the project which would require HSX to give up the grant funds; the Einstein team brainstormed a work around that would allow CCDAs to be sent to the HSX CDR. Theresa, Chrissie, and the entire Einstein team agreed to put this workaround in test almost immediately, and HSX was able to achieve the grant milestone which benefits the entire HSX membership.

Einstein continues to be an active member with HSX. The technical team have implemented ADTs and the Automated Care Team Finder service. Einstein also utilizes the Encounter Notification service with HSX. The Einstein team also looks to begin the project to gain access to the HSX Clinical Data Repository via deep integration into their clinical systems. HSX looks forward to working with Einstein, and on behalf of the HSX team I would like to thank Theresa and Chrissie who are here to represent the Einstein team on this project.

Long-term Care Recognition

In addition to the fact that Einstein has been a great strategic partner for health information exchange for their hospitals and ambulatory practices, Einstein has also been the first health system to enable exchange with their Long-term Care facility, Willowcrest. Because of Einstein’s willingness to partner with HSX in onboarding Willowcrest to the Clinical Data Repository, HSX was able to achieve $145,000 in grant funding from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. I want to thank Tom Zarra for his responsiveness to HSX in identifying the meaningful use physicians for the grant application and connecting me and the HSX team with Jena Baumann. Jena, Willowcrest’s Administrator, has been extremely enthusiastic and cooperative with HSX’s pilot of query portal access for Long-term care. Her leadership will help HSX deploy clinical data exchange for the Willowcrest clinical and administrative team providing value for the patients they serve. We look forward to our engagement and adoption kick-off at Willowcrest tomorrow!






Don Klingen, MD



Dr. Klingen has been a strong supporter of health information exchange, and we thought of him in particular this year for this award because he served as the physician in the ambulatory services video that we made this past summer.  He was actually very believable in his role as a primary care physician (J).  Well, there’s no surprise there!  And, we don’t know if this was his first encounter with Hollywood, but he was a natural in front of the camera.  He gave generously of his time out of a busy schedule, too, during the shooting of the video.

Don also helped arrange for one his staff colleagues to serve as the care coordinator in the video.

Main Line Health, its communication staff, and the employees of its Broomall urgent care facility provided a great deal of support, and also gave us access to clinical space, to make this video possible.

So, thank you to Dr. Klingen and all of his co-workers.  They were HIE champs for us this year.