HSX COVID-19 Response



HSX continues to support state and local agencies, membership, and the HSX board to provide additional services as needed to respond to the Covid-19 Emergency.
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See notification: HSX data sharing with Pennsylvania Department of Health and Philadelphia Department of Public Health during COVID-19 national emergency

HSX has instituted its business continuity plan and its COVID-19 CONTAIN (COntrol, Notification, Tracking, Activity, INtelligence) strategy.  The exchange has launched the following service areas, based on daily refreshed electronic medical record (EMR) data from its membership, using a mix of clinical and lab-confirmed medical codes.

HSX member advisories on COVID-19:

Smart Alerts Tracking Activity Inteligence


  • Control
  • Notifications — smart alerting.  Learn more.
  • Tracking — COVID-19 trends.  Learn more.
  • Activity
  • Intelligence ​— COVID-19 analytics.  Learn more.



In its COVID-19 CONTAIN campaign, HSX is supporting its member organizations’ COVID19 response teams with coding guidance for COVID-19 admissions and electronic health records.