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HSX’s Innovation, Research, and Development arm developed MarketStreet as a type of market place, based on HSX’s unique data assets.  This new platform responds to entrepreneurial/consumer-based opportunities to expose health information (securely and with any needed consents) in order to realize greater value, convenience, and well-being for each individual.

MarketStreet seeks to overcome challenges to data-based healthcare innovations including:

  • The investment needed for set-up/ramp-up of health-data business projects and enterprises  
  • Siloed data and innovation efforts  
  • The cost of generating or accessing broad respositories of individual health data  
  • The lack of legal framework to support broader use of healthcare data  
  • Barriers to connectivity and interoperability

MarketStreet offers an established platform to push through these blockers — empowering consumers and the entities that serve them. MarketStreet will:

  • Create a networked ecosystem orchestrated by HSX and based on regional health information exchange data
  • Build its partner-base to achieve data-empowered consumers and data-rich firms
  • Use technology to develop superior customer experience and human experience (CX/HX) outcomes and eventually expand to national markets by bringing other HIE data and health information technology assets to the MarketStreet platform.

HSX MarketStreet is health-information-exchange data made both collaborative and competitive.

Examples of areas where HSX MarketStreet can provide the data power for services and products are:

  • Wellness applications
  • Home-based remote patient monitoring
  • Post-acute care
  • Patient-centric access to data
  • Appointments / referral / prior authorization
  • Medical transportation
  • Predictive analytics
  • Telehealth

Developers who have an idea for how to use MarketStreet data can request access to the test sandbox and have the opportunity to take your HSX MarketStreet-integrated platform to market!

View our online Market Street infographic:

Learn more and explore on the MarketStreet website.





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