HealthShare Exchange Offsite Board Meeting & Retreat: A Day of Alignment

Friday, December 27, 2013

On November 13, the board of trustees, staff, and partners of HSX met to review goals, challenges, and next steps in health information exchange for Southeastern Pennsylvania.  

The day-long working session — held at the beautiful, hilltop ACE Conference Center in Lafeyette Hill, Pa. — included the first annual HIE Champion awards as well as presentations by other regional HIEs, and guided survey-based alignment exercises and consensus process.  See highlights below!

Event Slideshow

The balance of the retreat was dedicated to continuing the SchellingPoint-facilitated alignment cycle process. The HealthShare Exchange board and invited guests participated in a discussion, facilitated by Schelling Point staff members, that focused on key health information exchange topics such as financial sustainability, value, and adoption. The purpose of this ongoing alignment cycle is to establish consensus and agreement, and to set up a set of ground rules to enable a vision, roadmap and business plan (version 2.0) through 2016 for query-based exchange. The day’s activities included reviewing results in concordance or non-concordance across a variety of aspects of HealthShare Exchange's role, mission, activities, hurdles, and potential impact. Participants worked to discuss, resolve, concur on, or remand for further discussion a host of points related to the scale, priorities, and focus of HealthShare Exchange’s prospective role in enabling health information exchange across the Southeastern Pennsylvania region.