Message Volume, Data Feeds, Metrics, and Support Expand

Traffic Report

Message Volume, Data Feeds, Metrics, and Support Expand

Direct secure messaging volume through HealthShare Exchange continues to increase.  It has set new records in each of the last couple of months — with more than a third of this activity representing inter-member messaging.

At the time of this writing, we are just completing final tally of March message volume, but it looks like another record-setting month (7,094 messages).  The steady build in message volume is a reflection of the number of provider directory entries that HSX has shared with the membership and the implementation of the transitions-of-care C-CDA documents sent to primary care physicians from the hospitals.

In addition, about half of HSX members are now sending data to the exchange.  HSX is tracking data feeds using a dashboard where each data contributor is assigned a VPN (virtual private network), ADT (admit-discharge-transfer), and C-CDA (continuity of care document) status.  HealthShare Exchange posts these statuses publicly:  Please see the HSX member data feeds table.

HSX will also develop metrics for the following future services:

  • Automated Care Team Finder
  • Clinical Activity History
  • Encounter Notification Service
  • Query Portal
  • Master Patient Index

Once these services go live, HSX will start to report these service metrics.  HSX has also set up technical support for members and will provide metrics on support requests.  Members can call the Help line at (855) 479-7372 (HSX-SEPA) or email