Update on Practice Participants, Directory, Interoperability Matrix

HIE Service Delivery

Update on Practice Participants, Directory, Interoperability Matrix

As of March 2015, HSX has executed agreements with 16 independent ambulatory practices in the five-county region.  These ambulatory practice participants are engaging with HSX for direct services and are working toward inclusion in the HSX Master Provider Directory.  They range in size from solo practitioners to more than 100 providers in a large group practice.  HSX is thrilled to have these community-based medical practitioners as part of its trusted community, as it works to scale up Direct secure messaging and generate a broad provider directory for the region.      

As these new medical office participants are oriented to the health information exchange, and specifically to HSX’s Direct services, the HSX team will work to understand their referral patterns and procedures, and to find out what other practices they are most interested in communicating with.  This helps steer HSX in its outreach efforts to the next set of practices that could benefit from participation.

Concurrent with this, HSX’s provider directory has gone through a complete update.  This step has improved the consistency of receipt of additions to the directory and aided new Direct entries, which now number 5,315 providers.

At the same time, HealthShare Exchange is deeply immersed in a national precedent-setting effort to establish interoperability among a variety of EHRs (electronic health record) systems and HISPs (heath information service providers).  HSX members contract with a variety of vendors for these functions and it is critical that data transfer take place between these systems to make exchange of patient health information possible.  Overcoming these technical barriers will prove invaluable to vendors, hospitals, health systems, and health insurers within our exchange but also nationally as such healthcare entities work to emulate these data-sharing steps.  An interoperability effort of this scale and complexity has not been undertaken in other exchange regions or medical service areas.  HealthShare Exchange posts the status of this effort publicly:  Please see the HSX interoperability matrix.