Arthur Spector




Advisor, Software Engineering


Arthur contributes as a member of HSX’s Innovation, Research and Development team.  His work focuses on MarketStreet API development, HL7 interfaces, and data extraction and analysis. He also applies his experience with distributed systems and optimizing and scaling technology to suppoort HSX's HIE services.



Arthur has an eight-year track record of delivering software and providing engineering leadership in regulated industries.  He promotes modern development practices such as continuous integration, automated testing, and infrastructure-as-code that ratchet engineering and improve quality. Arthur is a voracious learner and enjoys fostering that attitude throughout a team. He strives to find solutions that deliver incremental, value-focused improvement, understands the importance of balancing end-user value with engineering value, and can work closely with leadership on prioritization.

In his most recent capacity prior to his role at HSX, Arthur led the design and architecture of several components of CloudMine, a healthcare application development platform.  Arthur’s work included a data integration engine for Internet of things and electronic health records systems, as well as client-facing data, logging, and search features. He also contributed significantly to site reliability operations, with efforts around cost-cutting and the implementation of a modern, container-based architecture.

Previously, Arthur worked at GoldTier Technologies on a financial KYC/AML (know your customer/anti-money laundering) compliance solution. After GoldTier was acquired by Thomson Reuters, he served as a development lead in the effort to build a multi-tenant managed service offering, removing the need for on-premise infrastructure, and enabling clients to more efficiently amortize compliance efforts.  

Arthur holds a bachelor of science and master of science in materials science and engineering from the University of Pennsylvania.