Information Systems Support Analyst


As an IS support analyst, Duc works on internal services and technical operations, under the direction of HSX’s chief technology officer.  He implements projects and support services relevant to the internal operations of HealthShare Exchange.  Duc works closely with the HSX’s enterprise-project-office (EPO), engineering, administrative staff and other teams to deploy services and technology that improve the operations of the exchange.  Duc is also be responsible for planning, coordinating, and executing additional projects that advance the organization.



Previously at HSX, Duc acted as the liaison between HSX’s business units and IT functions.  He completed business cases in support of projects, participated in or facilitated business process modeling and research efforts, and reviewed all documents on project teams.  He analysed implications of change to various functional areas as they relate to business needs. 

At HSX, Duc first served as a finance and business-development intern.  During his internship, Duc supported a variety of initiatives focusing on building financial models for HSX MarketStreet.

Duc earned his bachelor’s degree in business administration with distinguished honors, and a concentration in finance and management information systems, at Temple University.  While completing his degree, Duc helped audit and analyze financial data at the Clean Air Council, a non-profit environmental group in Philadelphia.  Additionally, Duc served as a general manager at a local dining group, where he assisted the owners managing 20 plus staff members, implementing IT systems, and managing the company's cash flow.

Duc received Spreadsheet Modeling Online Course Certification from Harvard Business Publishing and Bloomberg Market Concepts Certification from Bloomberg LP.