Senior Project Manager


As a project manager at HealthShare Exchange, Liz assists with a variety of initiatives across HSX’s business areas, working primarily as part of the Enterprise Project Office team, the Data Analytics and Quality  team, and the Innovation, Research, and Development team.



Liz has ten years of non-profit development and fundraising experience as an assistant director and event manager at various national non-profit organizations.  Her work focused on outreach and engagement, health education, event management, strategic communications, and cultivating community partnerships.  During this time, Liz educated communities about chronic diseases and raised funds to support research initiatives.  Liz created outreach and engagement materials and delivered presentations on critical public health issues, such as chronic diseases, nutrition and food access, homelessness and safe housing, environmental injustices, and social determinants of health.

Liz joined HSX as a project management fellow with a specific focus on population health projects.  Her role has since expanded to managing data implementation projects and cultivating strategic relationships with payer organizations.  

Liz earned her master's degree in public health at the University of Vermont.  While completing her degree, Liz worked with the Vermont Department of Health on the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Building a Culture of Health program.  Prior to pursuing her master’s, Liz received her Bachelor of Arts degree in public health and economics from the University of Rochester.