Josh Raymond




Advisor, Software Engineering


Josh serves as part of the Innovation, Research and Development team at HSX.  His current responsibilities include designing and building application programming interfaces (APIs) for HSX MarketStreet and supporting HIE interface development and data-extraction activities for the HSX health information exchange.



With 10 years of experience in product management, software design, and client-focused solutions engineering, Josh Raymon is a passionate technologist with a proven track record of prioritizing product and business goals, building and supporting a consistent and reliable engineering model, and serving as the voice of the customer throughout the organization. Josh places strong emphasis on fostering a self-governing, team-first culture that allows for all members to contribute ideas and participate in bilateral mentoring opportunities.

In his most recent capacity prior to his role at HSX, Josh built and maintained the product roadmap at CloudMine, a healthcare application development platform.  Hesupported the development of a healthy sprint cadence in the company’s service build; designed and wrote specifications for the company's 3rd-generation user interface; conceived and helped to architect an Internet-of-things/electronic-health-record data-ingestion framework; and implemented a modern, regulatory-friendly release process.

Before joining CloudMine, Josh served as an advisory software engineer with IBM, responsible for product ambassador duties in the Japan and Asian-Pacific region. As part of his time there, he gathered, analyzed, and identified technical and business requirements for strategic go-to-market efforts in the region.

Josh earned his bachelor’s degree in computer science from Grinnell College.