Karla Geisse




Advisor, Special Projects


As the Senior Fellow at HealthShare Exchange, Karla is responsible with leading, managing, and assisting initiatives across HSX’s three business areas: data feed implementation, population health, and HSX MarketStreet. Karla has been at the forefront of creating and implementing new initiatives within the organization.



Karla was connected to HSX via a Jefferson College of Population Health Forum, where HSX was leading a presentation. Karla strengthened the relationship between HSX and the Jefferson College of Population Health when she explored use of HSX’s CDR (Clinical Database Repository) for Community Health Needs Assessments in her capstone project, which piloted the HSX Population Health Use Cases.

Karla received her population health training at Thomas Jefferson University’s College of Population Health. At Jefferson, she co-founded the No Ones Dies Alone Program for Jefferson Health, and interprofessional volunteer organization providing compassionate companionship for patients at Jefferson hospitals who would otherwise be alone at end of life.  At Jeff, Karla also earned her LeadershipLIVE certification, and participated in other extracurricular activities with a focus on interdisciplinary and interprofessional skill development.

Earlier, Karla earned her Master of Cellular & Integrative Physiology degree from Indiana University School of Medicine, focusing on gastrointestinal and renal systems and her Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering degree from Santa Clara University, where she designed and fabricated a custom manifold for an isothermal titration calorimeter to assess binding of potential drug solutions to target proteins.