Lauren Ciccarone




Senior Project Manager


Lauren Ciccarone worked in the healthcare IT field for six years, prior to joining HSX.  



For first four of these years, Lauren was on staff at McKesson, as a project manager for client Jersey Health Connect, one of the largest HIE’s in the state of New Jersey.  Lauren worked to help populate Jersey Health Connect’s Central Data Repository with clinical information.  Lauren has experience implementing ADTs, CCDAs, and result feeds from various vendors in the healthcare IT arena. Implementation of the feeds spans both the inpatient and ambulatory sectors in healthcare.  Lauren has a strong background in client relationships as well as project-management processes.

Lauren began her career as a financial analyst at the Vanguard Group.  There, she learned and applied the principals of project management.  In 2010, Lauren made a career change to the health IT field, working for RelayHealth, a division of McKesson Corporation. RelayHealth is the health information exchange solution for McKesson. Lauren served as a deployment specialist, responsible for implementing RelayHealth with clients and training physicians, hospital administrators, nurses, and staff in use of the solution.  In this capacity, Lauren gained first-hand knowledge of physician workflows and how best to leverage HIE solutions within those workflows.

Lauren is a graduate of Loyola University in Maryland with a bachelor’s degree in finance.