Senior Software Engineer


As part of the team in HSX’s Innovation, Research, and Development arm, Lisa is involved in supporting data interfaces between members as well as data extraction and analysis.  She also develops APIs for HSX MarketStreet as another avenue to expose HSX data.



Prior to joining the HSX team, Lisa worked at Independence Blue Cross where she started off as a business analyst before transitioning to a data integration role.  In the analyst function, Lisa developed macros and dashboards to monitor the quality of inbound data. This was used to detect anomalous patterns before the data is processed for business use and to detect potential data breaches for investigation by the compliance and fraud team.  As a data integration engineer, Lisa developed interfaces to receive HL7v2 data and CDA (Clinical Document Architecture) documents from HSX, Aetna, and other sources using NextGen’s Connect Integration Engine (formerly Mirth Connect).  She extracted, loaded, and transformed the data to prepare it for analysis by the data science team, as well as to provide nurses with one hub to visit when searching for patient charts.

Between roles, Lisa also worked at Jefferson Health as a data modeler.  She developed software to automate the bone marrow transplant form submission-process and prepare for source system retirement using DataStage to load multiple data sources into one warehouse.  She also developed a web and mobile application for a gastrointestinal (GI) clinic, working closely with a GI doctor from the initial planning and requirements phase to development and testing.

Lisa earned both a bachelor and master of science degree in information systems from Drexel University, minoring in business administration and computer science.