Operations Manager


As Operations Manager for HealthShare Exchange, Natalie oversees the accounting, human resources, and administrative functions of the organization.  She came to HealthShare Exchange in 2013 as Project Coordinator with responsibilities for research and analysis on health care-related issues; communications and outreach; content development and maintenance of the HSX website; establishment of the HSX Project Office; and coordination of meetings of the Board of Trustees and Board Committees.



Natalie was previously with the Health Care Improvement Foundation (HCIF), where she planned and managed offsite conferences; developed, organized, and maintained the content for the website; and oversaw all administrative functions for the organization.

At the American Board of Internal Medicine, Natalie provided research, writing, and copy editing services to the physician team that created the Practice Improvement Module (PIM), a web-based tool used for evaluation of practice performance.  She supervised field tests for web-based physician practice improvement products and guided physicians in their selection of the appropriate product to satisfy professional requirements.  Natalie also managed the 100+ academic programs that combine medical training in internal medicine with another specialty.

At CIGNA Corporation, she provided special project, human resources, and administrative support to senior leadership.

Natalie earned a B.A. degree from the University of Pennsylvania.