Software Engineer


As a member of HSX's Innovation, Research, and Development team, Bobby is helping to develop application programming interfaces (APIs) for HSX MarketStreet, and is assisting with implementation and automation solutions of the subsequent infrastructures.  Bobby also has development and maintenance duties for HSX’s health information exchange.



At the digital on-demand e-commerce platform, Bobby spearheaded the engineering department alongside the chief technology officer.  Their activities included creating highly durable infrastructures, automation of many manual processes via APIs and custom apps, building a SysOps monitoring and alerting platform, and creating and hydrating a data lake and ETL (extract, transform, load) process that allowed robust and insightful reporting.  These contributions played a crucial role in enabling the company to quadruple nationwide locations and achieve an 11-fold increase in valuation within 13 months. 

Earlier, as a professional consultant through Robert Half Technologies, Bobby implemented an automated machine-learning infrastructure allowing on-demand creation of a multi-tenancy, scalable infrastructure triggered by file input. 

Bobby received Master Certifications in e-commerce development, web development, networking, web design, and graphic design from the Computer Career Institute at Johns Hopkins in Columbia, Md.