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Roy is principal and co-founder at Care Quality Action, LLC, a consultancy company that provides quality-improvement consulting, coaching, training, communications, and analysis services to healthcare companies and organizations.  He brings unique experience as a physician, scientist, entrepreneur, educator, executive, data analyst, and software developer in population health management, neurology, cardiology, endocrinology, oncology, biophysics, biochemistry, physiology, neuroscience, and engineering.

Roy was previously the medical director for the American Diabetes Association’s (ADA) quality improvement program, Diabetes INSIDE®, which he co-developed and for which he led healthcare systems across the country in achieving quantifiable improvements in evidence-based clinical outcomes for patient populations with diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Prior to joining the ADA, Roy was the medical director, chief information officer, and co-founder of Intelligent Medical Decisions, Inc. (iMD), a nationally-recognized company specializing in healthcare education and quality improvement.  At iMD, Dr. Furman’s responsibilities included business and strategic planning; program medical content; quality improvement planning, education, and coaching; web development; publications; and statistical data analysis.  In July 2016, the ADA acquired iMD to create the ADA’s quality improvement programs.  

Dr. Furman was also the director of research and development and co-founder of Scientific Software Tools, Inc. (SST), an award-winning custom software company that developed more than 70 commercial products for international companies in the semiconductor, telecommunications, test and measurement, industrial process control, agriculture, hospitality, scientific research, pharmaceutical, medical, and life science industries.

Roy is a board-certified neurologist who was a faculty member of the Neurology Department at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine prior to starting his companies.  At Penn, Roy conducted clinical practice in neurology and the neurophysiology of neuromuscular disorders, combining this activity with biophysical research in the reconstitution of single ion channels in artificial membranes from muscle tissue and photoreceptors, as well as research in artificial neural networks.  He has published his research in biophysics, biochemistry, physiology, neurology, oncology, cardiology, endocrinology, and engineering journals.

Roy has a bachelor of science degree from the Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  He received his medical doctorate and doctor of philosophy degree in molecular biology from the University of Pennsylvania.  He completed his residency in neurology at Pennsylvania Hospital before becoming a neurology fellow at the University of Pennsylvania, subsequently joining Penn’s faculty.