"I’ve been glad to take advantage of discharge information provided to me and facilitated by the HSX system. It just makes total sense — and is extremely helpful..."

"Comprehensive patient care information will help doctors make more informed decisions that lead to higher quality care."

"This is a necessary component for the future of the healthcare landscape in this region and will ultimately improve the health of the community we serve."

"[HSX] is yielding a nationally important example of payers and hospitals working together on a common goal of improving performance and outcomes."

"By setting up a uniquely enhanced exchange such as HealthShare Exchange of Southeastern PA, we finally have our hands on one of the advancements we’ve long looked for."

With the CCD, we had confirmation on hand of the information she shared with us about the event and hospitalization.  This freed us from having to rely solely on the patient’s description of her problem and care during this visit.

With a hospital alert to our practice, we can contact our patient right away. It improves coordination and outcomes every time.